Exclusive Interview with Amazing Noraink

Exclusive Interview with Amazing Noraink

April 30, 2020

Please tell us how did you find your own style in tattoo industry? What are your creative principles? What inspired you to create a personal brand?

Sasha Masyuk helped me to find my own style. when I joined the Sashatattooing team about 5 years ago. At that time, I was not yet formed as a tattoo artist, I was still searching myself and could not decide what style would be closest to my heart. I was really into Sasha’s flower work. I was inspired by the fine lines, the perfect composition, the whole process of creating a tattoo. The last part for me was to combine all the experience, emotions and create my own unique sketches and unleashing it on paper. The color helped make my work to be recognizable and special. I decided to try and combine two styles: graphics and watercolors and that how I became a kind of a fairy of pink peonies.
My main principle is not to copy someone else's work. In my opinion, this is an art theft. Most artists work on their sketches for years, achieving a recognizable style, and someone picks it up, copies it without remorse, which would be the lowest possible thing to do.
When creating my personal brand I did not want to follow trends I wanted to create them and to stay myself out of respect to the people who like me for what I am.

How did you come up with the idea to create a collaboration with Sasha?

Sasha and I were thinking about a collaboration for a long time. It's always exciting to combine your talents and create something completely unique that captures both of your styles. We wanted to use not only my recognizable peonies, but also to try and merge it with a new shape and color. In my opinion it termed out to be very unique! The combination of my bright crystals and Sasha's patterns brings the best of both worlds that look just like a real tattoo. 

What projects do you have running in parallel with tattooing?

At this moment I am a resident of the Studio Sashatattooingstudios in Los Angeles. In addition to my tattoo work I also have two projects running in parallel.
The first one is @noraink_store that sells various merch. It all started with pink sweatshirts, but now we have everything from raincoats to phone cases made by yours truly. Also, soon you will be able to purchase temporary tattoos created by me and @ann_pokes. It will be a combination of Japanese fans (sensu) and my flowers.
My second project is Jewelry Mood By. This is a very unique project because it allows tattoo artists all over the world to express themselves in a different field. The idea is to create jewelry based on sketches of those selected artists. The plans for this year are to involve such great artists as Ann_pokes, Fkmtattoo, Sashatattooing and many others.

What are your plans for the next 5 years?

Of course, in the conditions of quarantine it is very difficult to talk about future plans. The situation with the virus has forced everyone to come down to earth and face a harsh reality. I had planned conventions and guest sessions in studios all over America and the bookings were scheduled for a long time ahead, but something had to be postponed, something completely canceled. In the future I would like to open my own studio with the help of Sashatattooingstudios somewhere tropical that will provide the best conditions to all of the guest artists.
And of course projects, project and more projects with major brands alongside with the development of my own.

What advice can you give to the beginners in this area?

For beginners, I recommend to stay patient and persistent. Don’t waist your time and energy on an easy path to success because there is no shortcut to the greatness. Look for yourself, be inspired by good, high-quality art. Devote your time and all of yourself to mastering your craft and you are surely to succeed!



Heather said:

Nora is such an incredibly talented Tattooer. She is easy to work with too. Originally I went to see Nora for 3 flower tattoos. I loved them so much we continued with more sessions and completed my entire arm. She has a light hand and makes sure you are comfortable the whole time she’s tattooing you. Nora is just a genius artist. I’m so happy with all of the work she’s done for me and look forward to doing more.


Amanda said:

Nora is my favorite Tattoo Artist!! So delicate work, I wanna be fully inked with her flowers 🌸 🌸

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